Complete Domain Name List (All .com)

This is a list of two English interpretations for the Chinese IDNs. ‘Machine translation’ means a service like Google translate was used. Chinese common translation is the interpretation from a mainland Chinese speaker. All of these interpretations are for Chinese domains with a .com extension.

这个列表里包括两种不同渠道我们用来翻译中文网域名。 ‘机器翻译’就是指使用谷歌翻译服务;中国常见翻译是我们的中国雇员翻译的,更加口语化。所有的翻译只是为了让讲英语国家的人或者公司能够理解这些网域名的意思。

Machine Translation (Google Translate)

Chinese Common Translation

English schools English School
English students English Students
What does that mean What does it mean?
Fortunately Guide Fortune or luck guide
Text Text or Textbook
I you he Everyone
Petroleum Corporation Chinese oil company or oil companies
Canna Canna lily (a special chinese flower)
Yes Good, Yes, Not bad
Problems Problems
To learn English Learn some English
Feel Feel or Think
English classroom English Classroom
Megahertz MHZ
Your Pictures Your Pictures
My Pictures my photo
Your Videos your video
Your Movies your movie
MP3 Broadcast mp3 play
Mp3 Mp3
Mp4 Mp4
Listen to songs listening music
Fate/ Destiny life time
Think/Believe/Consider/Feel think
Conviction sentence in charge
Believe Believe
Shy/Coyness/Timid/Humble shy and coward
Doubt/Suspicion/Question suspisious
Shy shy
Nonsense/Rubbish/Bullshit bullshit
music video music video
your voice/your sound your voice/your sound
my voice/ my sound my voice/ my sound
Your comments your opinion
My comments my opinion
Opinions good idea
Travel driving
Lust/Love/Passion young heart
Lust Lust
Obsessed/Crazy/Infatuation addicted into
XXX Downloads xxx download
Download XXX download xxx
Watch XXX watch xxx
go abroad go abroad
Language learning learn languages
Learning language study lauguage
Go back go back
Play with me play with me
Once more/ Again/ One more time again
you’re welcome done mention it don’t mention it/ your welcome
You’re welcome no bother
Polite/ Modest/ Courteous be polite
be modest be modest
Strong/ Rich/ Lucious/ Thich/ Dense strong and longlasting
Fragrance/ Aromatic fragrant
Japanese Fashion Japanese fashion
Korean Style korean style
Korean Fashion korean fashion
Japanese style Japanese style
French Fashions French fashion
French Style French style
fashionable bag fashionable bag
fashionable shoes fashionable shoes
Learn Dancing learn dancing
Study Dance learn dancing
Weight Loss Pills weight-losing pill
Slut lazy housewife
Abnormal/ Perverted abnormal
MP5 mp5
Prepaid/ Pay in advance pay in advance
Method (Negative) method (neg)
Firewall firewall
Safe PC safe pc
Free XXX free xxx
Watch Videos watch video
XXX Movies xxx movie
XXX Videos xxx video
Study Russian (language) study Russian
Learn German (language) study German
Learn German (language) study German
Go out go out
Remix Remix
XXX Pictures xxx Picture
Mystery Mysterious Movies
Talk show Talk show
Bathrobe Bathrobe
Leather jacket Leather Jacket
Robe Robe
Machine treadmill bicycle with engine
Van Van
Screen Screen
Porters deliver guy
Fortune teller fortune teller
Porters porter
Podcast Directory podcast catalogue
Blog Directory blog catalogue
Sell go to buy
Sell trade
Discount discount
Outlet the way to release pressure
Economy economy system
Price price
Motion law case
Open build, open
Contribute donate
Determine determine
Lay build up, build foundation
Set set
Investment investment
Store up store up
Save save someone’s life
Rescue rescue
Keeping keeping
Agricultural Chemicals
Industrial Metals
Industrial Minerals
Oil Drilling
Oil Pipelines
Gas Pipelines
Film industry Film industry
Music industry musical products
Aerospace industry
Aerospace  manufacturing
Automotive industry motorcycle industry
Marketing Agency sell agent
Air Delivery air delivery
Brewing industry brew industry
Energy industry energy industry
Steel production iron and steel products
Tobacco industry cigaratte industry
Fishing industry fishing industry
Timber industry
Computer industry computer industry
Software industry software industry
Construction industry construction industry
Defense industry national defense industry
Electrical power industry power and electricity industry
Petroleum industry oil industry
Entertainment industry entertainment products
Health care industry
Hospitality industry dining and travelling industry
Arms industry
Toy industry toy industry
Mass media broadcast media
Auto Manufacturers motorcycle manufacturer
Soft Drinks softdrink
Home Furnishings
Meat Products meat products
Packaged Goods
Recreational Vehicles
Footwear shoes
Tobacco Products tobacco products
Mortgage Investment
Heavy Construction
Consumer Services Consumer Service
Training Services training service
Medical Equipment Wholesale
Bus Schedule bus timetable
Train Schedule train schedule
Computer Peripherals
Information Technology Services information technology service
Internet Service Providers internet service supplier
Long Distance Carriers
IP Card IP card
Memory Chips memory chips
Telecom Services telecommunication service
Drug Manufacturers medicine manufacturer
magnet magnet
Bus Tickets public bus ticket
Buy Tickets buy ticket
Hip-hop fashion
Hip-hop style
Hip hop clothing
Hip-hop dance
Italian design
Italian style
European Style
Russia Oil Company(B)
DouPuDa Communication Company Limited(B)
Cosmo Oil Company(B)
LiBao Mutual Insurance(B)
SanXing Life Company(B)
SanJing ZhuYou Finance Group(B)
SanJing ZhuYou Insurance Company(B)
SanLing Chemical Company(B)
WeiShiKa Company(B)
George Winston(B)
JiaDeShi Australia(B)
Israel Share Control Group(B)
YiWeiErDeLuoLa Company(B)
Dansk Bank Company(B)
LiAnDeBaSaiEr Industries(B)
Canadian National Oil(B)
Canadian Energy(B)
Canadian Royal Bank(B)
Canadian BaoEr Group(B)
FaLiDi Yacht(B)
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