15 Reasons to buy a Chinese IDN

Chinese IDN and .COM Benefits

1. Increased search traffic

2. Increased web traffic

3. Greatly increased search rank in search engines like Baidu and Google

4. Easier for people to find and makes your site more accessible.

5. Ability to create a brand and identity

6. Easier to understand for locals

7. Your URL is more memorable

8.  Having a domain gives the appearance of a reputable, professional, trustworthy, and authentic company; it makes you look more credible.

9. .COM is internationally recognized as the domain of choice and is the most popular

10. You own it! This gives you the flexibility and independence to do what you want with it.

11. It is easier for linking. This benefits both visitors and webmasters

12. You can create many sub domains. When you own aaa.com, you can also create domains within that domain like rss.aaa.com or email.aaa.com.

13. You can keep the name as long as you want

14. Owning your own domain shortens your web address

15. You can have multiple domains representing one website to maximize market penetration.

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